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Angela is focused on the kitchen table issues that matter to regular people in Hillsborough County. Those include economic opportunity, housing, transportation, and healthcare.

Economic Opportunity

Hillsborough County should be a place with economic opportunity for all, and Angela wants to make that dream a reality. We have opportunities to create prosperity with education, apprenticeships, good jobs, and local businesses. (Read More)


In the last 10 years, the population of Hillsborough has grown by nearly a quarter million people. We need places for people to live, and we can’t all live in mansions and luxury condos. (Read More)


As a county of 1.4 million people, we deserve transportation options that take the pressure off roads and give people in every neighborhood good ways to get to work, to play, or just to the grocery store. (Read More)


People sometimes think local government has nothing to do with healthcare — but that's not true! Angela sits on the Hillsborough County Healthcare Plan Board, which provides healthcare coverage to Hillsborough residents who fall into the Medicaid Gap. (Read More)

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Angela Birdsong, Democrat, for Hillsborough County Commission, District 2.
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